Gordon Sloan (1972 -2007)
Gordon Sloan Oasis Africa Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gordon was a highly regarded architect, humanitarian, and an inspiration behind Oasis Africa Australia. Gordon's fearless humanitarian spirit lead him twice to Iraq, where he put his personal safety on the line to help establish centres for and work with at risk street youth in Baghdad.

Gordon was widely known for his support of and generosity to those less fortunate. His groundbreaking work in Iraq was one of the inspirations behind the Oasis Africa project, sadly Gordon was taken from us while on business in China. The entire Sloan family have joined with Oasis Africa Australia to dedicate the Gordon Sloan Oasis Africa Memorial Scholarship Fund to his memory and to benefit the children of Kenya. Donations can be made through the Donate/Sponsor a Child page on this website. Gone but never forgotten - you live on with us Gordon.