Secondary School &
Tertiary Scholarships

Although globally through the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, there is commitment to providing to all nations universal Primary School education - in a typical slum environment having the means to move onto Secondary education is impossible for most slum-based parent/s or caregiver/s. As a result, many naturally gifted students are not able to reach their full academic potential and are forced to leave the school system at the end of (or before) Primary School to undertake menial tasks to support their family.

That’s why we’ve partnered with like-minded people who want to make the world a better place, to offer Secondary School & Tertiary Scholarships for slum-based students. Since 2008, together we have granted scholarships to 100’s of students.

Presently, over 80 students are studying at Secondary Schools and Universities around Kenya under an Oasis Africa Secondary School Scholarship. Your involvement opens the door to Freedom from Poverty through Education that provides opportunities for employment and to live a better life.


Faith’s Story
Faith’s Story

Faith finished High School in 2018. She had such a drive to make sure that her opportunity for education was not wasted. Each monitoring visit made by Ross and Karen Howe to Kenya, saw her maturing into a positive and confident young woman - her smile brightening up the room. It was so fabulous when we received news of her grades resulting in a mean average of an A-. Not only that, her grades put her in the top 1% of the country. She didn’t let her circumstances hold her back and when the opportunity was given to her, she excelled. She is now undertaking a Bachelor of Science, Physiotherapy.

“All this wouldn’t have been possible if it were not for the Oasis Africa scholarship that I was granted in 2015. I am grateful indeed for the scholarship and how it has helped me in my education. As I succeed in life I hope to be part of the change making process, just as you have been. May you be blessed abundantly and receive all the appreciation from myself and on behalf all the other scholars that have, are and will be benefitting from this scholarship. Thank you. Faith”

Alex’s Story
Alex’s Story

Oasis Africa received the following email from a student who has now finished University. The concept of 'paying it forward’ based on what he has received personally through Oasis Africa is a heartwarming outcome:

“I want express my gratitude for what you guys did to ensure that we get access to quality education back here in Kenya. As a result, touched by your kind deeds, we have decided to give back by supporting the younger kids to realise their dreams too. We normally visit our old Primary School to offer students moral support, mentorship and to encourage them to work hard in school. We also work together with the principal to identify the most needy students. We don't have much but we do share what we have. Tell the supporters of Oasis Africa that we appreciate them for teaching us the power of giving. Alex"